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Visual Designer & Art Practioner

based in London and China

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Selected works
2017.  -  2018. ︎

Editorial Design 

Art Riot

Mute Bodies


From o. to o.

Mixed Media

Mute Bodies

Mental Armour     

Closing Hours
Unveil Zora


Journey of Affection


Unanimated  Objects


Rendering Works


Christmas Eve

If the moon is a cake



Animation -  From o. to o.

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                     ︎ Click the image to watch the video on vimeo


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This is a project about transforming body motions into architectural structures to build a narrative and movable space. Exploring the potential and invisible relationship between the body and space. As Price.C mentioned in his work 'The Fun Place', this conceptual architecture is an organism engaged in constant intercourse with users, it's multifunctional and variable, which can be endlessly varied in size, shape, lighting, etc.  

Additionally, 'The Manhattan Transcript' from Tschumi.B, which initialled the transformation process 'Event -  Movements - Space'. These theories consequently inspired me to transform body movements into architecture structures and build a variable and narrative space. I started the experimentation from Pina Bausch's dance theatre The Rite of Spring. By analyzing the narrates in this dance theatre, I found there are three episodes for the whole story: 'Suppressed', 'Resistance' and 'Sacrificed'. Finally, each episode was analyzed thoroughly and then transformed into a movable space.