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Curious Cabinet©

Visual Designer & Art Practioner

based in London and China

Experimental practices, Artist

Books and publications, Exhibition

design, Commercial identity,


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Selected works
2017.  -  2018. ︎

Editorial Design 

Art Riot

Mute Bodies


From o. to o.

Mixed Media

Mute Bodies

Mental Armour     

Closing Hours
Unveil Zora


Journey of Affection


Unanimated  Objects


Rendering Works


Christmas Eve

If the moon is a cake



Curious Cabinet©

It is a space for art and design practice, exploring emerging ideas.

Hi, there is Xiaoqing Wang (Van kingking). I am a graphic designer and exhibition curator based in China and London. I am particularly interested in using editorial, performative design and mixed media as strategies to address subjects beyond the design field, and I consider my work as a hybrid. Recently, I finished MA degree in graphic media design in London College of Communication. 

Feel free to contact me via, if you want to start a collaboration or commercial project  : ) 

(resume available upon request)

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